Bones Bearing Tool

Bones Bearing Tool

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Brand:  RollerBones
Product Code:  bonesbearingtool
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New Bearing Tool!! It’s amazing how easy it is to press and pull bearing into your wheels with this compact new tool.

- Presses bearing into wheel
- Pulls bearing out of wheel
- Lightweight aluminum body
- Comfortable grip
- Fits in your pocket or on a Keychain

Only works with 8mm bearings

Suzy Hotrod’s Review about this product:
Stop being that jerk that always relies on that one teammate who always brings a bearing press. Be self reliant and still remain able to pack light. This tool offers the benefits of a bearing press with the convenience of something that fits in your pocket. A nifty derby must have for those tight on space or budget. It will have you yelling, “Why didn’t I think of this?!”



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